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Top Attractions in Rome

The entire city of Rome is an open air museum. We’ve made a list with the city’s top attractions that visitors can’t miss out on.

Top five attractions

  • Trevi Fountain Trevi Fountain is the most beautiful and most spectacular fountain in Rome. Millions of people flock to see this fontana every year and throw a coin into the water, wishing to come back to Rome.
  • Roman Colosseum The Roman Colosseum is the largest amphitheatre built during the Roman Empire. For over five centuries it offered spectacles, including gladiator fights, combats between wild animals and battle re-enactments.
  • Roman Forum Travel back in time by visiting the Roman Forum. Stroll through the same streets as Julius Caesar and discover the beauty of this archaeological site.
  • Pantheon Built by Adriano in the year 126, the Pantheon claims to be the best preserved building from ancient Rome.
  • Palatine Hill Residence both of the she-wolf Lupa and of the Roman nobility, the Palatine Hill is one of the seven hills where the origins of Rome was built.  

Other must-see attractions

  • Trastevere The Trastevere is one of the most charming neighbourhoods in Rome. Its peaceful and bohemian atmosphere dazzles visitors and Romans alike.
  • Villa Borghese The third largest park in Rome, Villa Borghese, combines a beautiful greenspace with pieces of art and architecture. It is one of the best parks to discover and relax in.
  • Catacombs of Rome San Sebastiano, San Callisto, Domitilla, Priscilla, and Sant’Agnese... Discover the different catacombs that can still be visited in Rome.
  • Arch of Constantine The Arch of Constantine was erected in the year 315 in commemoration of the victory of Constantine the Great in the Battle of Milvian Bridge. It is the most modern triumphal arch in Rome.
  • Trajan's Market Built between the years 100 and 110 A.D, Trajan's Market is believed to be the first covered shopping mall in history. It holds the Museo dei Fori Imperiali (Museum of Imperial Forums).
  • Baths of Caracalla Built between the years 212 and 216, the Baths of Caracalla were one of the greatest and most spectacular baths in antiquity.

Other places to visit in Rome

  • Ara Pacis The Ara Pacis is a commemorative monument created between the years 13 and 9 B.C. to celebrate peace in the Mediterranean.
  • Mouth of Truth The Mouth of Truth (Bocca della Verità) is an enormous marble face that was said to bite the hand off of anyone who lied. Its legend still draws thousands of tourists each year.
  • Circus Maximus Situated between the Aventino and Palatine Hill, the Circus Maximus was the largest stadium in ancient Rome built for chariot races, with space for 300,000 spectators, making it the largest in Rome.
  • Castel Sant'Angelo Also known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian, the Castel Sant'Angelo is a fortress located on the right bank of the river Tiber, not far from the Vatican.
  • Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II Inaugurated in 1911 to pay respect to Victor Emmanuel II, the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II (Altare della Patria) is an imposing building located in Piazza Venezia. It provides some breath-taking views of Rome.
  • Janiculum Hill Janiculum Hill, called Giancolo in Italian, is one of Rome's most romantic places to visit. It also provides stunning views of the city.
  • Forum Boarium The Forum Boarium was an area located on the banks of the river Tiber in which the animal market was held in ancient Rome. There are still two temples remaining.
  • Area Sacra Area Sacra di Largo Argentina is a square in Rome that houses four Roman temples and the remains of a Temple. It was discovered in 1920.

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