Piazza Colonna

Situated on the Via del Corso, Piazza Colonna is named “Column Square” because of the impressive marble column located in its centre since AD 193.

The square is rectangular surrounded by imposing buildings among which we can highlight the Palazzo Chigi (seat of the Italian government), the Church of Santi Bartolomeo ed Alessandro dei Bergamaschi, the Palazzo Wedekind and the Palazzo Ferraioli.

On one of the sides of the square there is a fountain built in 1577 by Giacomo della Porta, where two sets of dolphins have their tails intertwined.

The Palazzo Montecitorio, located in Piazza Montecitorio, a few meters away from Piazza Colonna, houses the Italian Parliament.

Marco Aurelio Column

Built between 176 and 192 in honour of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the column was placed in the square after his death to celebrate the victory of the Marcomannic Wars.

The column has a relief spiral similar to Trajan’s Column. In 1589, a bronze statue of St Paul was placed at the top.


Bus stop: Via del Corso. Buses: Electric Bus 119 or 116