Forum Boarium

The Forum Boarium was an area located on the banks of the river Tiber home to the city’s biggest meat and fish market in ancient Rome.

In spite of the fact that the Forum Boarium was burned down on various occasions and also suffered a number of floods due to its location, the temples of Hercules and Portunus are still standing.

Temples of the Forum Boarium

The Republican temples of the Forum Boarium, built during the second century B.C., are preserved in very good condition due to the fact that during the Medieval era they were consecrated as Christian churches for their protection.

  • Temple of Hercules: The Temple of Hercules, which has a circular appearance surrounded by columns, has a great similarity to the Temple of Vesta, located in the Forum.
  • Temple of Portunus: Dedicated to the god of rivers and ports, the Temple of Portunus is located on a podium and surrounded by columns. It has a rectangular base.


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