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Prices in Rome

Although Rome isn’t as expensive as London, Amsterdam or Edinburgh, it isn't a cheap city either. Find out how to save as much as possible while visiting Rome. 

Examples of daily costs: 

The following list shows the prices of a few products and services, so that you can get an idea of the prices in Rome and can plan accordingly. 

Food and drink

  • Coffee: 0.80€ at the bar, or 3€ if you have it on a terrace.
  • Beer: 2-4€, depending on the area.
  • Panini: 3-4€.
  • Slice of pizza: between 2€ and 4€.


  • One-way ticket (valid for 75 minutes): 1,50€.
  • Day pass, valid for a whole day: 6€.
  • Taxi ride from Termini station to any neighborhood of the city: between 8 and 15€.
  • Taxi from Fiumicino Airport: 48€.


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