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Rome Trams

The tram is a cleaner and more "romantic" form of transportation than the bus. However, the size of the network and the fact that it does not reach the centre of Rome make it less useful.

Tram lines

The tram network in Rome has six lines:

Rome Tram
Rome tram
Rome tram map
Rome Tram Map
  • Line 2: Piazza Mancini – Piazzale Flaminio.
  • Line 3: Piazza Thorwaldsen – Trastevere.
  • Line 5: Giovanni Amendola – Piazza dei Gerani.
  • Line 8: Torre Argentina – Trastevere.
  • Line 14: Giovanni Amendola – Palmiro Togliatti.
  • Line 19: Piazza Risorgimento – Piazza dei Gerani.

It is important to point out that none of these lines, unless if it stops at the door of your hotel, has any special attraction for tourists. The most interesting line is perhaps number 8, that links Trastevere with Largo di Torre Argentina.

Opening times

The timetable for the trams is the same as that of the urban buses, from 5:30am to midnight. At night the alternatives are the nocturnal buses.

Don't forget to validate your ticket

In the same way as on the buses, nobody will ask for your ticket and you can get on by any door, but it is necessary to validate the ticket as soon as you enter. Holding an unvalidated ticket carries a fine.

Journey planner

In the official website you can plan your journeys on different forms of transportation:


You can see the price of the trams and other forms of transportation here: Tickets and travel cards for transportation in Rome.