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Piazzas and fountains

Renowned for their lively atmosphere and their striking fountains, the Rome’s squares (piazzas) are the centre of its inhabitants’ daily life. These are the most popular:

Rome’s top three piazzas

  • Piazza Navona Piazza Navona is one of the most cheerful and remarkable Baroque squares in the city, with three majestic fountains.
  • Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps The Spanish Steps, known in Italian as Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti, are famous for its events and fashion shows. Piazza di Spagna is found in one of Rome’s most popular neighbourhoods.
  • Campo dei Fiori Worth visiting both during the day and during the evening, Campo dei Fiori features a market every day and is one of the best places to go out at night, packed with restaurants and terraces
  • Other beautiful squares

  • Piazza del Campidoglio The Piazza del Campidoglio is located at the top of Capitoline Hill and was the first modern square designed in Rome.
  • Piazza Barberini Erected in 1625 by Cardinal Francesco Barberini. This Piazza is particularly striking thanks to the two fountains designed by Bernini.
  • Piazza della Repubblica The Piazza della Repubblica is a semi-circular square with the Fontana delle Naiadi located in the middle. It is flanked by imposing buildings.
  • Piazza del Popolo The Piazza del Popolo, which means People’s Square in English, was originally built during ancient Rome along with Via Flaminia, which was one of the major roads that lead into the city.   
  • Piazza Colonna Piazza Colonna gets its name from the impressive Column of Marcus Aurelius, a marble column placed in the square since 193 AD.
  • Piazza del Quirinale Located on the tallest of the seven hills, the Piazza del Quirinale provides spectacular views of Rome. This is where Italy’s presidential residence is located and where the changing of the guard takes place.