Health Insurance in Italy

Health Insurance in Italy

When planning the perfect trip to another country, you must never forget to include travel insurance. 

Make sure you are completely covered before travelling to minimise the financial risks of theft, loss of luggage or flight cancellation.

Credit card travel insurance

If you haven’t bought your tickets to Italy yet, we recommend checking the clauses of your credit cards, as sometimes travel insurance is included if you purchase your flights with a credit card.

US, Canadian and Australian citizens

It is not compulsory for US, Canadian or Australian citizens to be covered when traveling to Italy. Nevertheless, it is always strongly recommended.

UK Citizens

UK citizens have access to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which will enable them to access Italian healthcare at a reduced cost or sometimes for free if anything should happen.

Schengen area travel insurance

For those who require a visa to enter Italy or any other Schengen countries, travel insurance covering repatriation and medical expenses is compulsory and the necessary visa to enter Europe will not be issued unless you provide proof of suitable coverage.

How to get medical insurance

So you can travel worry-free, and in case the unexpected happens, we recommend that you take out travel insurance before travelling. On the Civitatis website, you can find a complete insurance package, with prices beginning at just 9 (US$ 9.60).