Rome transport tickets

Rome transport tickets

In Rome, visitors can purchase different types of transport tickets and travel cards depending on the number of days they stay in the city and how often they plan on using the public transportation.

Types of transport tickets

One-way ticket (BIT)

The BIT ticket lasts 75 minutes since its first validation and allows for unlimited transfers between the metro, buses, trams and urban trains. The only transfer that is not allowed is to leave the metro and return (by the metro turnstiles), even if it’s in the 75 minutes of validity. The ticket costs 1.50 (US$ 1.70).

Day pass (BIG)

The BIG ticket allows unlimited public transportation from the moment the ticket is validated until midnight of the same day. The BIG day travel card costs 6 (US$ 6.90).

3 Day Tourist Pass (BTI)

The three-day tourist pass (BTI) gives visitors unlimited use of the public transportation from the moment it is first validated and for the following two days. The BTI has a price of 16.50 (US$ 19.10).  

Week pass (CIS)

Identical to the BTI card, but valid for seven days instead of three. This travel card costs 24 (US$ 27.70).

Other travel cards

If you’re planning on staying in Rome for a longer period, there are also annual and monthly travel cards.

What means of transport are included?

  • Metro
  • Buses
  • Trams
  • Cotral bus services (within Rome)
  • Urban trains: Rome–Lido, Rome–Viterbo and Rome–Pantano.
  • Trenitalia Regional trains (second class).

Where to buy the travel cards and tickets?

Public transportation tickets can be bought in vending machines in any metro station, convenience stores or newsagents. There is also a way to buy tickets by SMS, but unless you have an Italian phone number, we do not recommend this option.