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Rome is known as the Eternal City because here time seems to have stopped centuries ago. Its monuments and the ruins of imposing buildings make a walk in its streets become a journey through time to the period when the capital was at its most magnificent.

In our tourist guide you will find all of the necessary information to plan your trip and enjoy each moment to the full.

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Why travel to Rome?

The Colosseum: Emblem of Rome
Rome, Arch of Titus
Arch of Titus

With a long and interesting history behind it, Rome is a city that attracts visitors from all over the world thanks to its impressive monuments and archaeological ruins dating back to ancient times. There are thousands of reasons to visit Rome and fall in love with the city, before longing to return once you are gone. The cuisine and lively atmosphere are just two of them.

To walk through Rome is not just to travel around an old city that is full of archaeological remains; Rome has the memory of gladiators fighting to death in the Colosseum, chariots careering around the Circus Maximus and also the vision of wise Romans strolling around the forum as they talked about democracy.

With more than 16 million annual tourists, Rome is the third most popular European city for visitors after London and Paris, with which it competes intensely for the title of romantic capital of Europe.

With the aid of our guide you will discover why tourism in Rome continues to increase year upon year.

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The guide to Rome that helps you save money is a guide created by travellers, for travellers. Written in a language that is clear and easy to understand, our guide is designed to help you plan your trip to Rome so that, besides getting to know the typical dishes or the most interesting places in the city, you will also manage to save the maximum amount of money.